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Carpal Tunnel Treatment FAQ

What are the non-surgical options for carpal tunnel syndrome?

Is there any scientific evidence that chiropractic/homeopathy/vitamins can give permanent cure?


When should I consider surgery?

What are the results of surgery?

Carpal tunnel release is one of the most successful hand surgical procedures. Pain and tingling should rapidly vanish, sometimes by the next day. Numbness may take longer to improve, but usually does eventually resolve. Normal hand function is the expected outcome. We commonly hear "I wish I had done this years ago".

What are reasons for poor results?

Endoscopic vs Open surgery?

The long term results are identical. Endoscopic carpal tunnel decompression can give a quicker recovery and return to work, especially in manual workers. Some surgeons believe that the risk of major nerve injury is slightly higher with endoscopic release. Dr Rider has been trained in endoscopic release, but no longer performs this.

What should I expect post-op?

This is not generally a painful operation. The hand will be bandaged for 1-2 weeks, and must be kept dry. The fingers will be free, and you are encouraged to perform light activites. Office-workers can return to full duties in 1-2 weeks, manual in 4-6.

[ Post-op instructions ]

Does carpal tunnel syndrome recur?

Despite what you may have heard, this is rare.